Lundy Orlando

.NET Developer

Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, Python and Javascript
Front End Developents / Frameworks: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, React.js, Bootstrap/Foundation
Back End Developments / Frameworks: ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, Node.js with Express, Windows Presentation Foundation Application, Winforms.
Miscellaneous: git, computer hardware knowledge, networking and server provisioning.
Other supporting skills: Common sense, good sense of humour, meme expert, decent google-fu, can survive 5 days without cell phone reception.

Work Experiences

PT. Inputronik Utama

West Jakarta, Greater Jakarta Area
.NET Developer
2016 - Present

Working as a .NET Developer & Hardware Engineer on an automated financial services kiosk project. Re-documenting poorly documented hardware from device vendor for further hardware and software development. Developing front end and back end system in kiosk demonstration application. Provisioning server system for Verifone VeriCentre. Electronic Data Capture Monitoring System.

  • CIMB Niaga EDC Monitoring
  • SAFRA Singapore EDC Management
  • Automated card kiosk

PT. Huawei Tech Investment

Central Jakarta, Greater Jakarta Area
2013 - 2013

Working as Microwave Upgrade Team for Hutchison 3 Indonesia project. Uses Google API to present region data that requires immediate attention caused by bad cellular coverage and KPI.

Center for Micro and Small Enterprises Dynamics

Salatiga, Central Java
Web Developer
2013 - 2013

Working as Web Developer for Center for Micro and Small Enterprise Dynamics, Department of Economics and Business. Satya Wacana Christian University. Using wordpress as CMS and a little bit of jQuery for processing data without any experiences with PHP.


Professional Skills

Top Skills



Intermediate, 2 years
2 years of experience building enterprise application using .NET Framework / .NET Core from Microsoft. Fluent in WPF, ASP.NET/.NET Core.

Node.Js, Vue, React, JavaScript

Newbie, 1 year
A new learner in Javascript world. Experimented with express.js, node.js and vue for a company profile.

Web Security

Intermediate, 1 year
Due to certain circumstances in a certain project knows how to make a hardened web server with ASP.NET MVC. OWASP and ISO 27001 are no joke for a learner.




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